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Eling Loznica company was founded in AD 1989. during the domination of state and public property. Eling A.D founded and led by Zoran Stakic.
At the beginning it has eight employees, the company now has over 60 employees of which 40% are engineers. Tendency of continuous development and progress in the field of engineering keep and after twenty years of existence. Basic production from the moment of existence was the production of induction furnaces for melting and heating of metals. Today Eling also engaged in metal industry, producing a modern system for casting aluminum billets in the electromagnetic field, casting and extrusion aluminum bars and rods. Eling successfully operating in Serbia and its business plans focusing on the international market.
Exercising good business results and building partnerships with foreign companies. Eling implement its business through three organizational units: electrical engineering, nonferrous metal foundry "11-March" Bosnia and Herzegovina and aluminum extrusion plant. The continued successful operation was achieved thanks to the modern mode of operation and organization of work, application experiences, knowledge and professional staff who respond quickly, effectively and boldly.
The results achieved have created conditions for the stable operation of the company.