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Power Supply - Frequency Inverter

ELING frequency converters are based on the latest generation IGBT technology. The new transistor technology allows for a substantial increase in efficiency.

The operation principle of frequency converters is as follows:
the line voltage (380V, 50 Hz) is rectified and filtered. Than the DC voltage is converted into AC voltage in the inverter. For the inverter, IGBT transistors are used as switches. All semiconductor elements have insulated copper base. Inverter panel is cooled with water, and since the cooler has a galvanic insulation from the supply voltage, there is no problem with water electrolysis.

IP-1600 (1600 kW, 500 Hz)

IP-300 (300kW, 700 Hz)

The control unit defines the frequency of the inverter, keeping the inverter circuit in precise resonance. The amplitude of the outgoing inverter voltage is defined and controlled by the control unit.

The working frequency of the inverter depends on the type of induction heating application, and usually is in the range from 500 Hz to 50 kHz. Lower frequencies are used to melt larger quantities of metal, and large blocks before forging. Higher frequencies are used for annealing surface treatments, heating of smaller pieces before forging, and melting of smaller quantities of metal.

The power of ELING frequency converters is in the range from 2 kVA to the MVA sizes, depending on the induction heating application.

IP-200 (200kW,1000 Hz)

IP-100 (100kW, 70 kHz)