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Melting Furnaces

Melting metals with induction heating has following advantages:

  • homogenous consistency and temperature,
  • quality and purity of the mold,
  • minimal presence of gases in the mold,
  • possibility of conducting the process in the vacuum or protected atmosphere.

Double furnace

Major Features

The furnace body and pouring system are designed with steel profiles, providing safe workflow during the pouring of the charge from the furnace. The pouring shield prevents the spilling of the charge on the inductor.

The robust steel construction of the pouring system minimizes the distortion during the pouring of the charge, protecting and saving the insulation lining. 

The furnaces are built for both ferrous and nonferrous metals. For ferrous metals the pouring system is usually designed with rammed lining, and for nonferrous metals with graphite vessel. 

The induction coil is made of rectangular profiled copper tubes, contributing to firmness, longevity and great efficiency of the coil. Magnetic yokes of furnaces enable low magnetic radiations workplace requirements. Efficient water cooling of the induction coil provides for a longer life of the insulation lining.

The pouring system is equipped with electrical hydraulic pump for pouring the charge, and also with an emergency or power failure manual standby pump.We are manufacturing single or double furnaces, with single power supply unit.

Proven furnace design and the efficient IGBT converter reduce power consumption and energy losses.


Furnace with crucible AX400

Continuous casting furnaces

Izlivni sistem sa nabojnom snagom 500kg Fe

Table 1 shows the production capacity of ELING induction furnaces in kg/h of charge for various converter power values.

The data is given for a warmed-up furnace (second melting), and proper and clean charge material.

For other materials, the data for bronze should be multiplied with following coefficients:

  • 2,65 - gold,
  • 1,5 - silver,
  • 1,2 - aluminium bronze,
  • 0,8 - copper.

Izlivni sistem kapaciteta 2t Al

Table1: melting capacity(kg/h)

Izlivni sistem kapaciteta 8000kg Fe
Snaga pretvarača 3MW

Izlivni sistem kapaciteta 3000kg Fe
Snaga pretvarača 1.2MW