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Eling Aluminum’s engineers, designers and metallurgists, along with our sales personnel, work collaboratively with customers to develop innovative products and alloys for a myriad of applications. Our engineering experts in our located at our facilities use process development equipment for casting, extrusion, to address the most taxing design and manufacturing challenges.

All these processes are supported by analytical tools such as scanning microscopy . Alloy development is another research area where Eling Aluminum is expanding the possibilities, whether the objective is in making more corrosion resistant products or increasing weldability and strength.

The Eling Production System is a unique, integrated application of the tools Productive which underpins our continuous effort to achieve “Best in Class” customer satisfaction. It enables us to deliver superior customer service through the consistent, on-time delivery of superior quality products on short lead times. Additionally, we offer our customers a product portfolio that is unmatched in breadth and depth by the vast majority of our competitors. We believe the Eling Production System and our product portfolio allow us to remain the supplier of choice for our customers and enhance our competitive position.