Machine metal processes

Machine metal processes of small and big series of top quality. By using modern technologies and great experience in metal processing we can respond to the production of the most demanding parts.  Regardless of the kind of material or the size of the series, all our production opportunities can be used for the purpose of achieving top results.

The following kinds of machine metal processes are available:

Our production unit is completely capable for:

  • Machine metal processes by lathes
  • Machine metal processes by milling cutters
  • Machine metal processes by grinders
  • Machine metal processes by deep drilling
  • Machine metal processes, technique “flow forming”
  • Machine metal processes, technique “spinning”
  • Thermal metal processes

10 universal turning machines
15 CNC turning machines

Maximum processing possibility:
Diameter: 900mm
Length: 5 000mm

2 universal milling machines
3 CNC milling centers

6 grinding machines

Maximum processing possibility:
Diameter: 700mm
Length: 6 000mm